Inspiration for Final Projects

You can do any number of things for your final project – so long as it has some relationship to books (and culture). Zines, broadsheets, altered books, posters, digital projects – but all that freedom can be perplexing.  Here are some things students have done in the past:


A variation on “The Child that Books Built” reflecting on books that were important in the author’s life.


A collage-and-painted book that used class free writing material.


A children’s book based on free writing about early experiences of books, on card stock, bound with yarn.

More pictures on Flickr.

Ideas for final projects (from the syllabus):

  • Zine – a handmade photocopied book.
  • Broadside – a large sheet of paper with text
  • Commonplace book – a small book that is a curated collection of quotations and excerpts
  • Altered book – a book turned into a sculpture or someone reinvented by adding illustrations, text, or pictures.
  • Online project – lots of options. You could create a slideshow or Prezi about books, start a blog or Tumblr based on your class writing or experiment with Readlists or Pressbooks to create an ebook version of your writing.

This project counts as 30% of your grade and will be evaluated on three factors, roughly in these proportions:

  • the creativity of your ideas and how well they are expressed (50%)
  • the graphic design of the project (25%)
  • the technical execution of it, whether it requires a computer or scissors and glue(20%)
  • the thoughtfulness of your written reflection (5%)