Questions for Monday, January 27th

After reading “Digital Books and Your Rights,” which rights do you feel are most important? Are there ones you don’t mind giving up for convenience?

Questions about “Post-Artifact Books and Publishing“:

  • What do you think of the idea that books should never be finished but should continually be open to change (like Wikipedia)?
  • What does Craig Mod mean when he writes “digital removes isolation?” Do you agree that pre-digital books are isolated/isolating?
  • How accurate do you think it is it to project that our generation may be the last to picture a printed object when we hear the word “book”?
  • He mentions that we might want to not just reinvent books, but find new ways to make books, magazine articles, blogs, and other formats for content to be produced. Do you see books as being different than other things you might read? Does that affect how you prefer to read?
  • He predicts that in the future readers will not have to wait until after a book is published to engage with it, but will be part of the process as ideas are kicked around and will be in conversation, adding to the book over time. Do you like this idea? Are there books (or authors) with whom you would like to participate more?
  • Did you read the comments?