Uncovering Covers

Some cover art fun:

This Flavorwire post shows covers of Alice in Wonderland over the years and in different countries.

The Rap Sheet, a blog about the crime fiction genre, has tracked down many instances in which lazy cover designers have used the same stock photography over and over. Here are some examples of copycat covers discovered by the blog.




But using stock photography isn’t always a simple short-cut. This short video (which comes in at just under 2 minutes) shows how a cover was designed using stock photography and some designer skillz.

Finally, Jim Hines, a prolific author of science fiction, has been posing in gender-bending cover remakes, most recently doing so as a fund-raiser for medical research, but also to explore and critique gender stereotypes in the covers of his favorite genre. This one involves a number of authors and is pretty hilarious. More on this project from the BBC.