Images for Book Design

For two days, we’ll be designing real or imaginary books – both the jacket (which includes front and back, spine, and the two folding panels with information about the book) and the interior design (title page and a first chapter page, including chapter heading, whether to drop the first capital or emphasize first words of the chapter, and placement and look of the page number – and of course which font you feel is most appropriate and readable for the story).

These sites for royalty-free images might come in handy for covers. These may also be useful for your final projects.

  • Flickr – a social networking site for photos. To find photos you can use without violating copyright, use the advanced search option and select “creative commons” toward the bottom of the page.
  • Flickr Commons – a collection of mostly historical photos from libraries and museums that have no known copyright restrictions.
  • MorgueFile – a collection of royalty-free photos you can reuse.
  • Wikimedia Commons -over 7 million images you can freely use.

lt_coversA random selection of covers from our LibraryThing catalog of student recommendations.