Findings of Our Survey

We surveyed 175 students during the first week of January Term, 2013, and learned

  • Students read more for fun during breaks than during the semester. Slightly over half of respondents read for fun weekly during breaks, but only 21% do so when school is in session.
  • Just over half of students report reading less for fun during college than during high school, though 28% say it’s pretty much the same. Less than 20% read more for pleasure now than in high school.
  • Fiction was the choice of 68% of respondents, with 20% preferring non-fiction. This broke out along gender lines. More women than men preferred fiction over non-fiction.
  • When asked what gets in the way of reading for fun, lack of time was the most common reason chosen, but 18% of respondents said they just aren’t interested in reading.
  • The majority of respondents had never purchased or read an e-book. Of those who had, more had done so for fun than for a course.
  • Whether or not they had experience with e-books, most students said they prefer books in print. Only 5-6% preferred e-books or would choose them, all things being equal. However, 10% believe that “e-books are the future.”

photo courtesy of SalFalko