Questions for Thursday

After reading at least one episode of Zot! Online, think about these questions.

  • How do the words and pictures work together? Could you write the same story with words only? What would be different?
  • The arrangement on the page isn’t strictly linear. Does the arrangement of the panels contribute anything (placement, size, different dominant colors)? How about the placement of the words in the panels?
  • Have you read graphic novels before? Do you find them easier or more challenging than reading books that are words only?

image linked from Scott McCloud’s site

After reading Dunscombe, think about these questions:

  • What are some features that are typical of zines? (e.g. subject matter, aesthetic style, attitude)
  • What is the philosophical reason behind zines being produced and distributed outside the usual publishing channels?
  • Dunscombe refers to “love and rage” as motivations for creating zines. When we look at zines on Thursday, think about whether you see signs of those two impulses at work and what those motives contribute to the reading experience.

photo courtesy of (V)oluntary (∀)mputation

Questions for you library observations: 

What is the zine you chose to examine about? How does it convey its message? Does the graphic presentation of the ideas complement the text? What strikes you about the zine (and about zines in general?)

Which graphic novel did you spend time with? Did the images fit well with the words? How do you feel about the reading experience? Are you able to get “lost” in a graphic novel? Are there things you particularly like about the experience? Drawbacks?